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Thank you for choosing Cashion Custom Homes. Our customer relationships are very important to us and we are committed to your satisfaction with your new home.

Cashion Custom Homes, LP utilizes a Builder’s Outsource for Warranty Compliance. This service receives and tracks warranty request. They interpret the requests based on your 1, 2 & 10 Year Warranty; it’s then submitted to Cashion Custom Homes for warranty compliance. They do not talk with home owners as their service is for documentation and scheduling, and must be by mail or email. Cashion Custom Homes handles the actual warranty and inspections.

You received 2 written Warranty booklets at your final walk thru, an Express Limited Home Warranty (for years 1 & 2) and a 3rd party 10-Year Structural Warranty. Warranty starts the day you sign you final papers with Cashion Homes or take occupancy whichever occurs first.

As part of our commitment to service your home throughout the year warranty period, we OFFER 2 service times during your 1st year warranty. A 30 DAY warranty visit and an 11 MONTH before your 1 year warranty ends. The goal of these time lines is to ensure all of your warranty needs are appropriately addressed.



30-DAY Warranty Service

As you settle into your new home you may discover items that require customer service. We like to minimize the number of visits our workers make into your home once occupied, so we ask that you keep a cumulative list of attention items so that we can send a warranty representative to your home and correct everything at once. Repair of any cosmetic damages (chips, dents, scratches, etc.) caused during move in is your responsibility and is not warranted.

This system is very important for us to be able to provide top quality service for everyone. Simply go to and go to the Warranty Tab – check the 30 day request form and you will be contacted OR fill out the form and email it directly to Remember NON-Emergency warranty is scheduled Monday through Friday from 8:00am to

4:30 pm only. Requests for service must be in writing.


11-MONTH Warranty Service (One year items must be sent in BEFORE your 1 year anniversary date.)

Since your 1ST year warranty period expires one year from your final walk thru/ sign off date, we like to get a head start on your year-end requests. Check the 11 Month TAB and use in exactly the same manner as the 30-day warranty service form.


YEAR 2 WARRANTY – Continues coverage for systems (HVAC, Electrical, & Plumbing). For coverage see your Express Warranty you received at your final walk-thru.


YEARS 3 THRU 10 – See your 10 year structural warranty book.


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Our mission is to create an enjoyable homebuilding experience for our clients. Our family is committed to excellence. Excellence in our service, and excellence and honor in the way we do business. We build peoples dreams. To most people, a home is a dream come true. We feel honored to be the company fulfilling your dreams.