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Cashion Custom Homes Welcomes Realtors!

Licensed Realtors are invited to sign-up to receive more information about Cashion Custom Homes.

To insure proper recognition, realtors need to register clients prior to their first appointment. This can be done by calling our main office or by filling out the registration form online. In the event that the same client is registered by multiple realtors, only the first registration will be honored.

Guest registration cards are valid for a period of 60 days. All realtor/client relationships must be re-registered upon expiration, or the registration cards will become invalid.

Cashion Custom Homes pay a 3% commission on the base price of the house (which is the sales price less lot price, elevation upgrades, showroom upgrade selections and closing costs).

Compensation will be paid to the representing broker at the time of the final closing and funding of the transaction.

Cashion Custom Homes appreciates your business, and is looking forward to working with you and your clients!


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Our Mission

Our mission is to create an enjoyable homebuilding experience for our clients. Our family is committed to excellence. Excellence in our service, and excellence and honor in the way we do business. We build peoples dreams. To most people, a home is a dream come true. We feel honored to be the company fulfilling your dreams.